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Welcome to Zen Cats

Zen Cats Association is based in the Philippines, to the south of Metro Manila. Our focus is on cats and our main aims are:

to do all we can to reduce cruelty to and mistreatment of cats and thereby to help them to live happier lives

to control the number of unwanted animals where animal populations are multiplying rapidly, by carrying out free-of-charge spaying and neutering sessions and by supporting TNR programs in our local communities *

to be advocates for responsible pet ownership, starting with the spaying and neutering of pet cats

to encourage better understanding and appreciation of the role played by cats in the community in pest control, by visiting local schools to talk to children and their teachers

to help people to better understand the realities of rabies, to advise on possible warning signs and on better animal handling techniques

Zen Cats Association Inc. is a Non-Profit Organisation

founded in the Philippines in 2011.

SEC Registration No. CN201101325   TIN  007 969 090

Sterilization is the only humane way to control animal populations. Since March 2011, Zen Cats Association has provided free spay & neuter surgeries to hundreds of homeless cats and cats from low-income families in the Philippines. Zen Cats Association is the only cat-focused NGO in this region offering a free spay service as well as advocacy for responsible pet ownership and compassionate treatment of animals in the Philippines.

* Click on the link below for more information on the beneficial effects of    Trap/Neuter/Return programmes: