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Cats in the Philippines

Cats currently are the most popular pet in North America and are considered family members by many cat owners.” *

Cats in the Philippines rarely enjoy such privileged status.  Many are neglected, abandoned and tortured. They are shot, clubbed, dumped in drains and rivers to drown; they are run over, scalded and treated as vermin.

This results from uncontrolled populations of cats plus a common belief that all kittens and puppies are born with rabies. It’s true that rabies is a killer and a big problem in the Philippines, but here is one of several common misunderstandings which we need to dispel.

Thus, part of Zen Cats’ mission is to visit local communities and try to encourage a better understanding of why community cats deserve better treatment.  We explain that once spayed /neutered, the cats become guardians of the community, keeping down rats, snakes, cockroaches and other pests; killing and dumping unwanted cats merely creates space for un-neutered cats to fill the vacuum.

Our free spay and neuter sessions give us an opportunity to encourage understanding of the role cats can play when loved and cared for and to explain the need for responsible pet ownership.

Details of our forthcoming free spay and neuter sessions are shown on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ZenCatsAssociation

* http://digital.dvm360.com/nxtbooks/advanstar/vm_201110/#/34

This cat, awaiting treatment, shows the effects of boiling water, a common means here of driving away unwanted strays. Look what damage it does. Imagine what pain it causes.  No cat deserves such treatment from someone calling themselves civilised.